64th Gaseous Electronics Conference (Acct #2142)

Monday Workshop

Control of Distribution Functions in Low Temperature Plasmas: Creating the Roadmap

The control and specification of distribution functions, f(v,r), of electrons, ions, neutrals and photons is fundamental to the development of new technologies as these distribution functions determine the rates of excitation and ionization, and interaction with surfaces. In many cases, we are able to predict or measure f(v,r), in given fields, pressures and geometries. We are less able to a priori specify what conditions will provide a desired f(v,r). Based on accumulated experience with different discharges, we would like to develop techniques for how to combine appropriate plasma excitation mechanisms (for example, rf, dc, pulsed), discharge geometry, applied magnetic field, and gas composition to achieve a desired f(v,r).

The Workshop:
A 1-day workshop having a program of invited and contributed papers will be held the Monday prior to the official start of GEC 2011 on the topic of controlling f(v,r), in low temperature plasmas with a follow up poster session in the main GEC program. The workshop will address current research in methods of controlling the f(v,r), of electrons, ions and neutrals, discuss the challenges facing the field and develop a roadmap of priorities to achieve the control. The workshop will address topics such as:
  • Experimental techniques of controlling f(v,r)
    • From active boundaries and different power excitation methods.
    • By temporal modulation of power
    • By spatial modulation of power
    • By application of magnetic field
  • Status of diagnostics and their ability to monitor f(v,r)
  • Status of models and their ability to predict f(v,r)
  • Real-time-control (feedback methods)


  1. Morning: Invited and contributed talks
  2. Lunchtime speaker from industry on challenges of implementing control strategies.
  3. Early afternoon: Invited and contributed talks
  4. Mid-late afternoon: Group discussion and roadmap


Interested participants who would like to deliver talks at the workshop should contact Igor Kaganovich, PPPL ikaganov@pppl.gov. Posters should be submitted to GEC through the normal call for papers and specify topic "Poster-distribution function workshop".

We do not anticipate charging a fee to attend the workshop. Lunch will not be provided by the workshop but will be available for purchase nearby.