64th Gaseous Electronics Conference (Acct #2142)

Tuesday Workshop

Plasma Data Exchange Workshop

The Plasma Data Exchange Project is an informal, community-wide project which was initiated at the GEC in 2010 as a response to the growing awareness in the low temperature plasma community that some means of collecting, evaluating and sharing data needed for modeling and interpretation of experiments is necessary.  Intercomparisons of different software tools and modeling techniques as well as benchmarking of codes are additional issues to be addressed in the context of this project.   Anyone interested in participating in these activities is welcome to be part of the project. 
A workshop to report progress on this project is planned for the evening of Tuesday, November 15.  This is the first of a planned series of three workshops to be held in conjunction with the GEC and open to all registered GEC attendees. The focus topics for the 2011 workshop are intercomparisons of theory, modeling and experiment for electron scattering and electron transport in rare gases.   The focus topics for the second and third workshops in 2012 and 2013 will shift towards electron and ion interactions with increasingly complex gas species.  


The program for the 2011 workshop includes two invited talks (by Klaus Bartschat on state-of-the-art calculations of complete sets of electron scattering cross sections and by Steve Biagi on the evaluation of cross section sets by comparison with swarm measurements) and a progress report on LXCat, an open-access website for electron scattering and electron transport data and associated software tools.  A limited number of slots are available for contributed talks on the focus topics, and time will be reserved at the end of the workshop for a discussion of future plans.   Participants interested in presenting a talk at the workshop or anyone desiring more information about the workshop or the project itself should contact Leanne Pitchford, pitchford@laplace.univ-tlse.fr


In connection with this project, the GEC has included the sorting topic “Plasma Data Exchange Project” in order to encourage submissions which contribute to the overall objectives of the project (and not necessarily limited to the focus topics for the 2011 workshop). Time permitting, all people submitting abstracts in this category will be offered the opportunity of presenting ONE power point slide at the workshop. Details will be provided in the final announcement.   We are looking forward to your active participation!