2016 CESA Training & Conference
Keynote Speakers

Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson has over 30 years of extensive corporate leadership and entrepreneurial experience, and understands what it takes to succeed. With a powerful blend of experience, research, case studies and perspectives, Robert’s original insights help organizational leaders understand how to unleash their future potential.

Robert will discuss the keys to successful Team Building, and succeeding in this ever changing environment, inspiring peak performance and utilizing full potential. He will use proven and powerful Communication techniques intended to call the audience to action, calling them to examine their own skills, and then calling them to actively practice improving those skills. Robert will discuss the important topic of Leadership, and will focus on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and organizations prosper. His Leadership Formula will address courage and challenge, confidence and commitment, compassion and communication, change, cooperation, and control, and delve deeper into the philosophy of relationships.

Robert Stevenson’s presentation is sure to motivate and inspire all of us as we begin our 2016 Conference week.

Dee Griffin

Dee Griffin

Former News Anchor and Current Public Information Offer with Augusta, GA Fire Department.

Media Matters. When a crisis happens, every second counts when trying to save lives and get important information out to the public. But, the media can make it difficult. As a former news anchor and reporter, Dee Griffin has a wealth of experience in getting answers for viewers and from public officials. Currently, as a Public Information Officer, she handles the media daily. Now, she’s using her knowledge and skills in the media to train government agencies on methods to successfully garner positive coverage while also dealing with less than friendly media representatives. Learn effective methods to handling reporters and other media matters.

Dana Reed

Lisa Schoenthal

Bijan Karimi

Chief Mark Pazin

Super Bowl 50 Lessons Learned

This facilitated panel presentation will include discussions of lessons learned from the region-wide planning and preparation for the Super Bowl event in Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. For a year leading up to the February 2016 event many local, state and federal agencies coordinated and collaborated to prepare for one of the largest planned events to come to the Bay Area. Panel speakers will include Dana Reed, Director of the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services, Lisa Schoenthal, Emergency Services Coordinator for the City of Santa Clara Office of Emergency Services, Bijan Karimi, Assistant Deputy Director for Emergency Services, and Chief Mark Pazin, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Branch

Randy Styner
Randy Styner

Environmental Affairs/Emergency Operations Officer, California State University, Los Angeles

The Light of the Moon: Disaster Planning and the Creations of Systems
In February of 1976, a small plane piloted by an Orthopedic Surgeon and carrying his wife and four small children crashed in a rural Nebraska field.  The eight hours this family spent isolated, alone , bloody and cold awaiting rescue that never came, the journey to a local hospital where they found inadequate care, and the evacuation to the sanctity of Lincoln General Hospital resulted in the creation and advancement of a new system of medicine known as Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), which revolutionized trauma medicine throughout the world and is credited with saving countless lives.  Randy Styner, a survivor of that terrible crash and the Author of The Light of the Moon – Life, Death and the Birth of ATLS, recounts a harrowing tale of survival and the efforts to find and save his family that night, tells how his father, Dr. James Styner, was able to use the lessons of that night to go on to develop the system of ATLS, and discusses how the development of that system closely ties into and holds valuable lessons for the creations of systems within emergency planning, response, and management.