2013 Bridge Inspectors' Conference (2093)

2015 Pacific Northwest Bridge Inspectors' Conference
New Elements in Bridge and Tunnel Inspection

Tuesday 4/7/2015 - Thursday 4/9/2015
Location TBD

Conference Description

The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Bridge Inspectors Conference is to provide a forum for bridge inspectors and managers to share information, innovations, ideas, and best practices.  Additional opportunity will be provided for the attendees to gain a current national perspective on bridge inspection from AASHTO and FHWA.  The conference will provide continuing education for bridge inspectors.

Goals of the 2015 PNW Bridge Inspection Conference
  • Provide a forum for bridge and tunnel inspectors to share information, innovations, ideas, and best practices
  • Provide a means for sharing bridge inspection methods, equipment, and management techniques
  • Provide a forum for the continuing education of certified bridge and tunnel inspection team leaders
  • Provide a forum for participants to gain a current federal perspective on the implementation requirements of the NBIS and NTIS

Key Benefits of attending or presenting at the 2015 conference

  • Become better equipped and prepared to perform assigned tasks by being exposed to lessons learned from others
  • Become more efficient in the area of bridge inspection, rating, and data management
  • Develop a network of peers and knowledge base in other states
  • Become more productive by using assigned resources wisely
  • Ensure a higher level of on-the-job safety and environmental awareness
  • Increase communication skill set by formulating and delivering presentations
Who Should Attend?
City, county, state, federal, and consultant bridge and tunnel inspectors and bridge managers who are responsible for: 

· Bridge Inspection Policy and Procedures


· Preparation and Maintenance of Bridge Inventories

· Bridge Inspections

· Tunnel Inspections

· Load Ratings

· Bridge Management Systems

Bridge product and engineering service exhibitors are also encouraged to participate