2013 Road & Street Maintenance Supervisors Conference (#2094)
You Must Attend!
Who Benefits:
  • Supervisors in city, county, state & federal agency road or street departments
  • Superintendents, area foremen, lead technicians
  • Equipment operators, crew leaders, maintenance specialists, dispatchers, and operations managers
  • Suppliers and contractors for the public works market
Conference Objectives:
  • Present up-to-date methods and techniques for the maintenance and repair of streets, roads, highways, and bridges.
  • Describe management concepts and practices for equipment and personnel involved in maintenance tasks and responsibilities.
  • Offer technical information for discussion.
  • Provide an opportunity to share solutions to common problems.
2013 Session Topics:
  • Leadership
  • Vendor Presentations & Equipment Demonstrations
  • Asphalt
  • Traffic Solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Environment
  • Engineer/Tech
  • Snow & Ice
  • Public Awareness
  • Tunnel Project