2014 Low Impact Development

What Is The LID Certificate Program?

The WSU Extension LID Certificate program is the first LID certificate program of its kind in Washington State. For civil engineers and landscape architects, the certificate indicates that the individual has received the latest design concepts for LID practices; has a level of technical knowledge necessary to recognize design opportunities and challenges; and is better equipped to optimize LID systems. Completing the certificate will provide a breadth of knowledge necessary for various disciplines (e.g. planners and biologists) to better communicate with civil engineers and design and maintain integrated LID projects. The LID certificate will also provide local jurisdiction staff with an improved understanding of the technical details to plan, implement or review public and private LID projects during the various stages of project development, as well as help develop improved inspection and maintenance programs.

Who Is Offering It?

The WSU Extension Low Impact Development Technical Workshop Series is provided by WSU Extension. The certificate is supported by WSU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and WSU Extension.

How Do I Qualify For The Certificate?

1. Complete each of the four two-day courses offered through the WSU Extension LID Technical Workshop series. These four courses include:
    • Bioretention
    • Permeable Paving
    • LID for Buildings (Green Roofs, LID Foundations and Rainwater Collection)
    • Site Planning

Please Note:

    • You must be in attendance throughout each workshop. Sign-in sheets will be at the registration table at the beginning and end of each day of each workshop.
    • Workshops must be taken through WSU Extension. No other courses qualify.
    • Workshops may be taken over the course of two consecutive years to complete all four workshops. You MUST complete all four workshops within that two year time period. If you do not you are not eligible for the certificate.

2. Complete two, 2-hour supporting lectures.

3. Pass five different on-line tests (one for each workshop topic plus a final). Tests will be posted on-line as Microsoft Word documents that can be edited by training participants. The tests are open book and are taken once for a passing grade (75%).

    • Participants will be required to retake a workshop if a score of less than 75% is received for the test associated with that workshop to receive a certificate.

4. Tests must be taken the same year you attended the workshop. You may only submit the test associated with the workshop if you attended and completed the workshop. i.e. Bioretention Workshop submit Bioretention Test.

Please be sure to read and understand the LID Certificate program policies.

Where Do I Find The Tests? When Do I Take Them?

Bioretention Test

Permeable Paving Test

LID for Buildings Test

Site Planning Test

Final Test

Tests are due Monday, December 15th by 5:00pm Tests submission will begin Friday, October 31st. October 31st is the first day you may submit your tests. Any tests submitted before this date will not be accepted and could result in being disqualified for the certificate program. Make sure you read how to submit your tests. If you do not turn your tests in the correct format or by the deadline they will not be accepted and you will automatically fail and have to retake the workshops.

What Do I Need to Know About Submitting the Tests?


  • Tests MUST be saved as a Microsoft Word document. The title of the document MUST appear as follows: First Name Last Name – Course Test. (example: Tanyalee Erwin – Bioretention Test.doc).
  • Please include your name, date and affiliation on the top of each test.
  • Tests must be e-mailed to Janet McLoughlin at janet.mcloughlin@wsu.edu
  • Tests sent to anyone other than Janet McLoughlin (including Anneliese) will not be accepted and is an automatic fail.
  • Tests need to be submitted in one email sent to Janet McLoughlin. Separate emails for each test will not be accepted. i.e. if you took the Bioretention and Site Planning workshops, two tests should be submitted in one email to Janet.
  • Tests not titled or sent in the requested format will not be accepted and is an automatic fail.

When Will I Receive My Test Results and (If I Passed) My Certificate?

The tests and results will be returned within six weeks and certificates will be received within six weeks after tests are returned.

Test Questions?

Anneliese Sytsma