2014 Low Impact Development

Where Do I Find The Tests? When Do I Take Them?

Tests will be posted after each corresponding workshop on the LID website.

Bioretention Test

Permeable Paving Test

LID for Buildings Test

Site Planning Test

Final Test

Tests are due Monday, December 15th by 5:00pm Tests submission will begin Friday, October 31st. October 31st is the first day you may submit your tests. Any tests submitted before this date will not be accepted and could result in being disqualified for the certificate program. Make sure you read how to submit your tests. If you do not turn your tests in the correct format or by the deadline they will not be accepted and you will automatically fail and have to retake the workshops.

What Do I Need to Know About Submitting the Tests?


  • Tests MUST be saved as a Microsoft Word document. The title of the document MUST appear as follows: First Name Last Name – Course Test. (example: Tanyalee Erwin – Bioretention Test.doc).
  • Please include your name, date and affiliation on the top of each test.
  • Tests must be e-mailed to Janet McLoughlin at janet.mcloughlin@wsu.edu
  • Tests sent to anyone other than Janet McLoughlin (including Anneliese) will not be accepted and is an automatic fail.
  • Tests need to be submitted in one email sent to Janet McLoughlin. Separate emails for each test will not be accepted. i.e. if you took the Bioretention and Site Planning workshops, two tests should be submitted in one email to Janet.
  • Tests not titled or sent in the requested format will not be accepted and is an automatic fail.

Test Questions?

Anneliese Sytsma

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