2012 Northwest Clerks Institute (2322)
Professional Development II

What's the Color of Your Desk?
How long has it been since you’ve seen the top of your desk?  Has the paper in your life insisted that it’s in control? Now is the time to retake your desk and win the paper battle. This interactive workshop is filled with practical tips you will immediately be able to apply to your work life. Learn how to be efficient, organize your paperwork and create systems that you can keep under control.
Understanding Yourself and Others

Until now, you might have thought that some of the people you work with came from another planet. Try as you may, you still don’t understand them and communication has become painful. This interactive workshop is a powerful look at what makes people tick. Learn about yourself and those around you by understanding how different personalities focus their energies, gather information, make decisions, and cope with the world around them. You will also learn to communicate more effectively and increase your confl ict resolution skills.

Keys to Supervision

Great supervision is essential to bringing out the best in the people you supervise. Supervision skills take time to be refined. In this session, we provide the basics of supervision and help you to determine ways to enhance your supervisory skills.

Financial Management and Budgeting

A budget represents what is legally mandated and what constituents demand. This session helps to turn budgeting into a process for realizing your organization’s goals. It will help illuminate the complex issues driving resource acquisition, distribution and service delivery.

Managing Human Resources

People are the most important and yet most complex resource to manage. Learn the fundamentals of human resources practice to cultivate the right talent for your organization. Understand the risks to your local government when employment issues are not handled properly.

Learn to use collaborative approaches to apply to daily problem solving,team-building, and negotiations. The processes you will learn will improve communications, conflict resolution, trust building, and group decision-making.
Creating Your Personal Vision Statement
Your personal vision statement guides your life. Your personal vision statement provides the direction necessary to guide the course of your day and the choices you make about your career. During this session, you will create your personal vision statement.

Advanced Records Management
Learn more about the professional discipline of records management at an advanced level, including the theory and practice of records and information processing.