2012 Northwest Clerks Institute (2322)

Professional Development III

Communicate Like a Pro

Most of us do not look forward to public speaking. This course helps de-mystify the process of public speaking and will improve your confidence and comfort with giving public presentations. Discover Asian and American techniques to communicate, motivate, build teams, manage stress, promote wellness, and increase productivity and morale. Get practical tips on e-mail, meetings, conflict, public speaking voice, stories and even drawing cartoons.

Minimizing the Impact of Negative Influences in the Workplace

Is your workgroup or organization experiencing negativity? Do you know a team that is not functioning properly? Learn about the underlying causes of workplace negativity, the nexus between change and negativity, ways to contain the contagiousness of organizational and individual negativity, methods for reducing the impact of gossip and rumor, strategies for managing the “bully,” how to handle passive-aggressive behavior and techniques to strengthen the overall team.


Participants will come away from this session with a better understanding of the process that leads to effective decisions. In addition, you will also learn to better communicate the process and consequently garner more support for your decisions.

Intergenerational Communication and Management

Getting the most out of each employee requires an understanding of the unique characteristics and preferences of each generation on your team. Learn about historical factors that shaped each generation and how it impacts the way they are motivated and managed. Then discover how to interact the inspire Generation Y, X, Boomers and Veterans.

Meeting the Media

Learn how to effectively market your jurisdiction’s programs and stories to the news media and how to build positive, productive relationships with the media in your community. This session will also help you overcome intimidation about working with the news media.

Purpose Driven Leadership

Understand how leadership affects your success. Assess your leadership strengths and how your leadership affects your work and decision-making. Discover what leadership is and isn't.

Handling Emotions Under Pressure

Feeling like the pressure is on and you’re about to explode? It’s time to get a handle on those emotions so you can remain calm and objective in the face of strong emotions. You will learn how to take charge in difficult circumstances.

The Ever Changing Workplace

Learn how to identify the purpose of change; how to communicate the implementation of phases of change and solicit input and participation; to overcome resistance to change; and know how to measure success and overcome change.