2019 Power & Energy Automation Conference and Energy Summit
What is PEAC?

The only conference of its kind, PEAC brings together professionals from around the world to share knowledge about the intelligent automation and control of electric power transmission and distribution systems. By providing a forum for education and networking, PEAC's mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of modern technology to improve the reliability, efficiency, and capability of today's power grid systems, and enable this critical infrastructure to achieve the ambitious vision of smart grids. The 2018 conference will focus on "Network Communications and Automation."

Why attend PEAC?

  • Learn about products, implementation strategies, industry trends, and fundamental concepts underlying transmission and distribution automation and control
  • Build relationships with colleagues that are specialists in all aspects of power delivery automation and control
  • Share your experiences and lessons learned with other enthusiasts
  • Discover innovative solutions to enhance the performance of power delivery systems
  • Maximize returns on investment for system upgrades, operations, and maintenance

Who is on the PEAC committee?

Joel Ankeny, Bonneville Power Administration
Alex Apostolov, OMICRON electronics

Lawrence Broski, ABB
Mike Diedesch, Avista Utilities
Chris Fate, Snohomish County PUD
Todd Hustrulid
, Paradigm Technical Services

Randy Kimura, Altalink
Chen-Ching Liu, WSU Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
James Moralez, San Diego Gas & Electric
Jody Opheim, WSU Energy Systems Innovation Center
Amber Orr, Pend Orielle Public Utility District
Mike Rourke, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Eric Schultz, POWER Engineers
Paul Wallace, NovaTech

For more information or to be added to the mailing list, please contact
WSU Conference Management:

peac@wsu.edu  |  509-335-3530