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ThumbnailABB, Inc.91-95Steven Kunsmansteven.a.kunsman@us.abb.comhttp://new.abb.com/substation-automation
ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value. ABB’s world-class protection and control solutions ensure reliable power transmission and distribution. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, our products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. ABB enables the digitalization of the grid so that our customers can improve reliability and ensure safe and clean energy supply to their consumers.
ThumbnailALBEDO Telecom65Mike Snelgrovemjs@albedotelecom.comwww.albedotelecom.com
ALBEDO Telecom provides portable communications network test equipment for utilities that support legacy interfaces, Ethernet and Synchronization. ALBEDO pioneered the measurement of one way latency/asymmetry for teleprotection protocols in field portable testers. Our application expertise is measurement of protocols like C37.94, T1/E1, G.703 codirectional, RS232, V.35, X.21, RS422, analog, Ethernet and Synchronization/Clock Measurement of 1588v2, SyncE, T1/E1, 1 PPS, ToD, 10 MHz, 1.544/2.048 MHz. The test sets provide an all in one solution for total support of the network today and tomorrow.
ThumbnailAPP Engineering, Inc.70Greg Bradleygbradley@appengineering.comappengineering.com
APP Engineering, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells Disturbance Monitoring Equipment that incorporates features such as; Digital Fault Recording, Dynamic Disturbance Recording, Sequence of Event Recording, and Streaming Phasor Measurement Units. Our recording systems can be provided in a centralized configuration, turn-key cabinet configuration, or the very popular distributed architecture configuration (data collection chassis mounted in a variety of different station panels or even buildings while acting as a single recorder creating one comprehensive COMTRADE and PQDIFF record). APP Engineering also designs and sells an analysis software package (APP ClearView), Rugged Substation Computer Chassis, Rugged Compact Monitor/Keyboard Chassis, non-contact secondary CT’s, a non-contact Trip Indicating Relay, an APP-110 IRIG-B Analyzer/Generator, and a compact mobile recording chassis. See our products at www.appengineering.com or phone 317-536-5300.
ThumbnailASPEN, Inc.60Sherman Chanschan@aspeninc.comwww.aspeninc.com
Maker of ASPEN OneLiner, Breaker Rating Module, DistriView, Relay Database, Power Flow, Line Database and Line Constants Program. Have users in 62 countries.
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ThumbnailBasler Electric Company45Chip Christmanninfo@basler.comwww.basler.com
With more than 75 years of experience, Basler Electric offers a wide range of leading edge protection and control solutions. Booth 45 features BE1-11 Protection Systems, ES Series Protective Relays, and the DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller.
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ThumbnailCrown Technical Systems3Mark LopezMlopez@crowntechnicalsystems.com13470 Philadelphia Avenue
Crown Technical Systems was founded in 1996 as a Relay Panel supplier to the Federal Government, and now serves as a manufacturing center for Relay Panels, Steel Enclosures, OEM Medium Voltage Switchgear located in Fontana, California.
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ThumbnailDCS87Steve MorganSmorgan@DCS-Morgan.comDCS-Morgan.com
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ThumbnailEaton Corporation42Charles E (Ted) Witham, PEcharlesewitham@eaton.comwww.eaton.com
Eaton's Energy Automation Solutions business is a market leader in Grid Modernization and Substation Automation, offering hardware and software solutions for next generation substation gateways, RTU replacements, Secure IED access and management, HMI and SCADA, Microgrid, DER and our CYME planning software. If your utility is talking Grid Mod, make sure you are talking with Eaton!
ThumbnailElectric Power Systems International, Inc.33Bruce Mullinsb.mullins@epsii.comwww.epsii.com
Electric Power Systems is a NETA Certified, Independent Electrical Testing & Engineering Organization. We specialize in engineering, commissioning, start up, transformer services and maintenance testing for Utility, Industrial, Transit, Data Centers, and Commercial Facilities. EPS has developed a select staff of engineers and technicians with a broad spectrum of capabilities and years of experience to assist with all your electrical facility requirements. Stop by booth # 33 to discuss how EPS can work with you and your team and provide a complete array of engineering and electrical services for your facilities. With offices conveniently located throughout North America, EPS is uniquely positioned to staff your project, regardless of location. As one of the largest independently owned electrical testing companies in the country, we are capable of staffing any engineering, commissioning and maintenance project, regardless of size or scope.
ThumbnailElectrocon International, Inc.85Bill Owensbill@electrocon.comwww.electrocon.com
Electrocon International, Inc. develops and markets CAPE software to help you model electrical transmission networks' protection systems. CAPE software is the world's most powerful set of tools for protection engineering. CAPE (Computer-Aided Protection Engineering) software is built for engineers responsible for protection of high voltage transmission systems and distribution systems within electric power utilities. Features and capabilities include: · Detailed modeling capabilities based on a single open source database. · Support for analysis and simulation to solve data management issues, uncover potential network and protective device problems, and evaluate alternatives. · Support for networks of any size. · Support for setting complex modern digital relays. · Support for relay coordination functions and wide-area studies. · Ability to integrate with conventional transient stability programs to allow the kind of evaluation of wide-area control needed to avoid cascading outages and blackouts.
ThumbnailElectroswitch Corp68David Breckendbrecken@elecroswitch.comhttp://www.electroswitch.com/electroswitchesandrelays/default.htm
When you select a switch or relay from Electroswitch, you are gaining the benefit of over 72 years of experience. The primary supplier of rugged, high-quality products for electrical utilities and the U.S. Navy. Electroswitch has the knowledge to meet the intricacies of any application with quality, reliability and performance. With Electroswitch, there is... "Never A Doubt."
ThumbnailERLPhase Power Technologies50Cathy BrydonInfo@erlphase.comWww.erlphase.com
ERLPhase Power Technologies is a manufacturer of IEC 61850 ready digital fault recording systems and protective relays. Not only do ERLPhase relays and recorders simplify installation and maintenance tasks, they also provide high quality fault, disturbance, trend and event recording (with Ethernet ready DNP3/Modbus SCADA support). The TESLA Model 4000 Recorder offers the newest technology available, including flash drive and built-in Ethernet. In a single package, it cost effectively records faults and wide area disturbances while also providing PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) and NERC recording capability. ERLPhase also offers the first in class sub-harmonic protection relay, the S-PRO 4000 ideal to monitor and protect against sub-synchronous resonance and sub-synchronous Interaction phenomena typically found when wind farms are interconnected with series compensated lines.
ThumbnailETAP43Jeremy PangilinanJeremy.Pangilinan@etap.comhttps://etap.com/
ETAP® software is the most comprehensive and advanced electrical engineering platform for the modeling, design, analysis, optimization, monitoring, predictive simulation, operation, control, and automation of power systems. ETAP product offers a fully integrated suite of solutions that span from modeling to operation for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage sectors.
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ThumbnailFischer Block, Inc.48-49, 53-54Margaret Paiettamargaretp@fischerblock.comwww.fischerblock.com
‘Fault Location’ from any relay panel for quicker restorations!! Plus, our predictive analytics helps keep the power on. Don’t just take our word for it. Come to our floor exhibit for a demonstration. And yes, our installations are still under 10 minutes and with no wiring!
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ThumbnailGE Grid Solutions38-41Paul Uppalpaul.uppal@ge.comhttp://www.gegridsolutions.com/
GE Power is a world energy leader that provides technology, solutions and services across the entire energy value chain from the point of generation to consumption. We are transforming the electricity industry by uniting all the resources and scale of the world’s first Digital Industrial company. Our customers operate in more than 150 countries, and together we power more than a third of the world to illuminate cities, build economies and connect the world. Grid Solutions is part of GE Power.
ThumbnailGonzaga University66Jilliene McKinstrymckinstry@gonzaga.eduwww.eng.gonzaga.edu/tandd
Online T&D Engineering- Master of Engineering Degree. Gonzaga University is offering both a T&D Engineering Certificate and a Master’s Degree. Our courses are 8 weeks long, fully online and taught by power industry leaders. Students are able to study topics such as Underground System, Distribution, T-Line, and Substation Design, System Protection and Project Development.
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ThumbnailHardcraft Industries, Inc.88-90Hardcraft Industries, Inc.racquel@hardcraft.comwww.hardcraft.com
Lucasey by Hardcraft is a vendor to PG&E, other leading water and power utilities, and utility subcontractors for products including 19" seismic relay rack systems and NEMA enclosures. Our groundbreaking seismic relay rack system is vastly faster to install and maintain than traditional welded systems, and offers unparalleled control system density.
ThumbnailHDR7Aleksandr RysinAleksandr.Rysin@hdrinc.comwww.hdrinc.com
At HDR, we specialize in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services. Our nearly 10,000 employees, working in more than 200 locations around the world, push open the doors to what's possible each and every day. We are leading the charge to modernize and expand power delivery systems to ensure a more reliable and robust national electricity supply.
ThumbnailHubbell Power Systems/RFL Electronics Inc47Ty Nelsontnelson@hubbell.comrflelect.com
Protection and communications equipment for electric utilities
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ThumbnailIniven83Marc Benoumarcb@iniven.cominiven.com
Iniven’s innovative solutions include Fidra, a fiber optic physical layer switch, designed for comprehensive monitoring, testing and maintenance of fiber optic connections for NERC compliance and protection network reliability. The new CT-100 is a C37-94 to T1 converter that permits up to 4 channels to be inexpensively and easily transported over a leased or other T1 circuits. The AC-20 converts audio to C37.94. This product is designed to allow legacy systems to be transported over newer digital networks at minimum of disruption to the existing infrastructure. Iniven continues to make and support its digital and Audio teleprotection products as well as traditional telemetry products that can no longer be found elsewhere. All Iniven products are backed by a 12 Year Warranty.
ThumbnailIPS-ENERGY USA, Inc.84Randy Normanrandy.norman@ips-energy.comips-energy.com
IPS-ENERGY USA, Inc. sells and supports the IPS-ENERGY™ suite of software systems which provide for full technical asset management (asset repository, work content and data collection definition using maintenance templates, planning, scheduling, work execution/data acquisition with mobile clients and analysis) with unique to the world, robust functionality for relay setting and testing management. Data collected and stored in the IPS-ENERGY™ database as well as from other systems and sources can be extracted and used for advanced analytics. Interfaces to other systems can be easily configured using the IPS-SmartGridDI™ system. The software is licensed to run on the customer’s computers or as a subscribed service in the IPS-Cloud™.
ThumbnailiS5 Communications41-844-520-0588info@is5com.comhttp://is5com.com/
iS5 Communications is an integrated service and solution provider of intelligent Ethernet products. Designed to withstand the harshest of industrial environments, our products are built for the evolving needs of mission critical infrastructure.
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ThumbnailKoCoS America LLC86Guy Wasfygwasfy@kocos.comwww.kocos.com
KoCoS develops, manufactures, and sells measuring and test systems for equipment in electrical supply systems for quality monitoring. KoCoS products can aid you in circuit breaker testing, resistance measurement, protection relay testing, meter testing, digital fault recording, power quality analysis, or by providing a power source. All our devices meet the strict standards set forth by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. KoCoS has local companies to demonstrate and guide you during sales, as well as provide support and service with expertise, backed by field experience. Test with the same products that the OEM’s use for greater consistency and accuracy.
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ThumbnailMcLaren, Inc.71-74Velibor Pericvperic@mclareninc.comwww.mclareninc.com
McLaren Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative, hosting the following companies: Ametek Power Instruments providing fault recorders, revenue meters and alarm management products; Arbiter, a maker of highest quality GPS clocks; Beckwith Electric is a well known manufacturer of protective relays and controls; Siemens/RuggedCom offers a wide variety of substation hardened Ethernet switches and routers; SMC is a producer of substation test equipment, including relay testers, circuit breaker testers and primary injection testers.
ThumbnailMegger31-32Len Holetslen.holets@megger.comus.megger.com
For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. This famous brand name dates back to 1889, when the first portable insulation tester was introduced with the MEGGER brand name on it. We introduced the first commercial cable fault locator in 1950; and were the first to develop a completely automatic, software driven protective relay test system in 1984. Megger has testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas such as insulation, transformer, circuit breaker, protective relay, power quality and cable testing and diagnostics. With such diverse product offerings, we are your single source for electrical test and measuring instruments.
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ThumbnailNovaTech2Dan Parkinsondan.parkinson@novatechweb.comwww.novatechweb.com
NovaTech utility products, including the industry-leading OrionLX Automation Platform, Bitronics 50 Series Instruments and 70 Series Recorders, now provide solutions for both pole top and substation automation. Supported applications include substation RTU with integral HMI, alarm annunciation and Logic, plus disturbance recording, panel metering and pole-top monitoring. When these products are combined with NovaTech services for design, configuration, packaging, installation, commissioning and training, project execution times can be reduced.
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ThumbnailOMICRON electronics Corp. USA23-28Ed Schwarzinfo.usa@omicronenergy.comwww.omicronenergy.com
Customers in over 150 countries rely on OMICRON's ability to provide innovative testing and diagnostic solutions for the electric power industry. Products: Test Instruments for Protective Relays, CTs, Instrument Transformers, Meters, Transducers, IEC 61850 Devices, Reclosers/Distribution Automation, PQ Analyzers; Power Factor, Moisture in Insulation, Dielectric Frequency Response, SFRA, Circuit Breakers, Advanced Transformer Diagnostics, PD. In 2013, OMICRON opened its state-of-the-art training facility in Houston called the OMICRON Academy. It has classroom and hands-on training areas including the ability to test various apparatus such as a 10 MVA Power Transformer, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Automation, and a hands-on Protection Relay Testing Lab.
ThumbnailOPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES5Vanessa Broccolivanessa.broccoli@opal-rt.com1751 rue Richardson, 2525
OPAL-RT empowers engineers and researchers with accessible, cutting-edge, real-time simulation technology to accelerate the development of better products and more reliable energy transmission. Since 1997, industries including automotive, aerospace, power electronics and power generation have increasingly turned to OPAL-RT, transforming the company into a world leader in real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment for electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronics systems.
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ThumbnailPeak Measure56-58WILLIE BRUNSwillie@peakmeasure.comwww.peakmeasure.com
Booth 56 G&W Electric G&W Electric has been a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905. Our product offerings include overhead and underground distribution switches, Lazer Automation solutions, reclosers, distribution and transmission cable accessories and current limiting system protection devices. Our products are designed to the latest industry standards and backed by over 105 years of engineering expertise. The result is time-proven, reliable performance. Booth 57 Doble Engineering Vanguard Instruments Morgan Schaffer Doble Engineering Company offers diagnostic instruments, services and the world’s premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results for the benefit of energy generation and delivery companies and industrial power users worldwide. Doble has recently acquired Enserv, Vanguard Instruments, Manta and Morgan Schaffer adding to both their solution capability as well as their product line. Booth 58 ITEC (Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation ITEC is an original equipment manufacturer of instrument transformer products divided into two application areas; revenue metering and protective relaying. ITEC offers a broad variety of product designs well suited for voltage transformer and current transformer service areas. ITEC also offers various support and technical services relating to the application and in-service needs for instrument transformer products. The company is using highly cost competitive technology in all areas to produce products that are technologically competitive to others available in today's market.
ThumbnailPhoenix Contact34Ben Prierinfo@phoenixcon.comhttp://www.phoenixcontact.com
Phoenix Contact products power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment. From energy generation to transmission, from power distribution right to your door, we can help you become more secure, safe, reliable, and efficient anywhere within the grid.
ThumbnailPOWER Engineers, Inc.44Jared Mrazjared.mraz@powereng.comwww.powereng.com
POWER Engineers (POWER), founded in 1976, is a nationally ranked consulting and engineering firm providing engineering and design services for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. POWER currently employs more than 2,500 professionals in over 40 offices. As an industry leader in power delivery, our team brings strength, depth, and expertise to utilities facing system upgrades, multi-faceted projects, or capacity and performance issues. POWER’s SCADA & Analytical Services (SAS) group has performed hundreds of electrical studies, including power flow, short circuit, transient stability studies, contingency analysis, feasibility studies, long range plans, electrical master plans, harmonics, interconnection studies, alternative comparisons and life cycle cost analysis.
ThumbnailPowerComm Solutions, LLC67Ray Fellaray.fella@powercommsolutions.comwww.powercommsolutions.com
PowerComm Solutions provides Power Line Carrier products, training and resources for the utility professional. On display is our new PSA-4400 Power Spectrum Analyzer and PCM-5350 Power Communications Monitor-5 Channel Frequency Selective device which provides real time remote measurements for signal levels and reflected power, event recording, trending and event driven Spectral Analysis. Perform Power Line Carrier maintenance measurements with NO relay system outage with the PCM-5350. The PCA-4125 Power Communications Analyzer provides a single instrument solution for the alignment and testing of the entire PLC and Audio Tone System. PLC Maintenance Training and Application Engineering Schools.
ThumbnailProtec Equipment Resources51Tracy Burgenercustomercare@protecequip.comprotecequip.com
Protec Equipment Resources understands that you need experienced people to align you with the proper electrical test and measurement equipment and get it to the right place at the right time. To better serve our customers, all of our locations (Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Reno-Tahoe and Northern New Jersey) are all stocked with inventory. With local inventory for better shipping rates and electrical testing application support from a team who works hard to get to know your special requirements, you can count on Protec to do what it takes to help you get the job done right.
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ThumbnailQuanta Technology36-37Quanta Technologyrnasri@quanta-technology.comhttp://quanta-technology.com/
Quanta Technology is an expertise-based, independent technical consulting and advisory services company specializing in the electric power and energy industries. Our experts have years of practical working experience in the electric power industry, and are trusted to develop custom solutions to the industry’s most challenging and complex problems. Our mission is to provide value to our clients with industry-best technical and business expertise, holistic and practical advice and thought leadership. To do this, we draw from a vast network of experienced power system experts from around the world. We are the independent consulting arm of Quanta Services (NYSE: PWR).
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ThumbnailRelay Application Innovation, Inc.46Larry Grossinfo@relayapplication.comhttp://www.relayapplication.com/
For more than 18 years, Relay Application Innovation, Inc. (RAI) has focused on providing the services, engineering tools, and systems that make a protection or integration project cost effective and efficient. RAI uses traditional protection concepts and innovative solutions for large and small utilities, industrial plants, green energy developers, construction companies, system integrators, contractors, consultants, and electric transmission companies. RAI has offices in four locations: Pullman and University Place, WA, Sacramento, CA and Denver, CO. For more information, come see us at Booth 46 the Exhibit Hall.
ThumbnailRTDS Technologies1Paul Forsythrtds@rtds.comwww.rtds.com
RTDS Technologies is the exclusive supplier of the RTDS® Simulator. We are the world leader in real time power system simulation with over 350 customers in 42 countries. Utilities, manufacturers, research institutes and universities worldwide rely on the RTDS Simulator for power system studies and closed loop testing of protection and control equipment. The RTDS Simulator has also been used in the development and testing of DG systems, MMC based schemes and wide area protection using PMU.
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ThumbnailSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.75-82Bill Glennonbill_glennon@selinc.comwww.selinc.com
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) provides systems, services, and products for protection, monitoring, control, automation, security, communication, and metering of power systems worldwide. Our experienced Engineering Services group, 10-year-world-wide-warranty, rugged reliability, service, and competitive pricing has created customer confidence for over 30 years. Learn more at www.selinc.com.
ThumbnailSecuControl, Inc.59Tobias Planerttobias.planert@secucontrol.comwww.secucontrol.com
SecuControl, Inc. is renowned for safety-focused and innovative test switch designs. The Safety Test Switch features the cutout size and function of legacy knife-blade test switches. It improves safety, facilitates easier test access, and reduces the chance of errors.
ThumbnailShallco Incorporated61Jason Shallcrossshallco@shallco.comwww.shallco.com
Customer focused, competitively priced manufacture of Time Delay Control Switches, Control Switch Relays, Lock-Out Relays, Latching Switch Relays, Instrument Control Switches, Detented Power Switches, Breaker Control Switches, Snap-Action Rotary Switches, Cam Switches and associated electromechanical devices and value added products. Shallco Inc., established in 1967.
ThumbnailShermco Industries64Christian Ungercunger@shermco.comwww.shermco.com
Shermco Industries is the leading independent provider of safe and reliable acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair and remanufacturing of electrical equipment and power distribution systems. With service centers located throughout North America, certified technicians and engineers focus on servicing both scheduled and unexpected projects for large commercial, industrial and utility customers. Shermco, a leader in electrical safety and technical training, focuses on industrial electrical contracting, utility, wind turbine maintenance and disaster recovery services. Shermco Industries is a member in good standing with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, American Wind Energy Association, Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League, and the InterNational Electrical Testing Association. For more information about Shermco Industries, visit www.shermco.com
ThumbnailSiemens63Nikki Delucchinikki.delucchi@siemens.comwww.usa.siemens.com/digitalgrid
Siemens Digital Grid partners with leading utilities and energy providers worldwide to provide expertise and innovative technologies to help in their transformation journeys. Globally, Digital Grid has worked with more than 2,500 leading utilities and energy providers to deliver proven solutions and services that improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and resiliency, and empower consumers to better manage their energy use
ThumbnailSigma Six Solutions6Sigma Six Solutionsinfo@sigmasix.comsigmasix.com
We are a NETA Accredited Company performing electrical testing, maintenance, commissioning, and power studies.
ThumbnailSynchroGrid, LLC69Joe Perezjperez@synchrogrid.comwww.synchrogrid.com
SynchroGrid is a consulting firm for electric utilities that specializes in system protection, providing the exceptional level of talent, experience, and innovation necessary to enhance the reliability of the power system.
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ThumbnailThe Park Company62Michael Christiansonmpc@theparkcompany.comwww.theparkcompany.com
The Park Company is a leading supplier of obsolete and hard to find electrical components for the power generation industry. With over 175,000 items in-stock we have the largest inventory of power plant parts in existence. Challenge us with your inquiry today!
ThumbnailTrachte, LLC55Betty Hatfieldbhatfield@trachteusa.comwww.trachteusa.com
Trachte, LLC is a major manufacturer of state-of-the-art, Preassembled (Modular) Control & Battery Buildings for Electric Utility Substations, Renewable Energy, and Generation Applications. Trachte specializes in Preassembled Buildings for Relay, Protection & Control, Station-Service Batteries, SCADA, Communications, SVC’s/Statcom, Switchgear, Generation B.O.P., Etc.
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ThumbnailUtility Systems, Inc.35Evan McMullenrlavalley@embarqmail.comwww.faultrecorder.com
Utility Systems, Inc. (USI) has become a recognized and reliable leader in the design and construction of Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME). USI has since been proud to serve a vast and diverse group of customers that include major investor-owned utilities, government utilities, transmission and hydroelectric companies, nuclear and fossil fuel generation companies, wind farms and local municipalities.